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Specialising in Timber Door Frames and Staircases


Entry Door Jamb

DSW Timber specializes in fabricating entry door frames, from the most simple profile to the most ornate period style frame such as Victorian and Edwardian entry frames. We are able to make custom timber doorframes to any design and size. Our expert and experienced team will produce your specific requirements to exact standards. All our joinery work is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

We offer a wide range of external door frames, opening in or out, whether to suit standard single or double door, with or without side lites, as well as customized frames to your requirements. The material is the same as our doors’ – solid engineered core with Mahogany finish – to match perfectly with your standard doors.

Glazing Options:

Clear Glass, Obscure Glass, Tinted Glass, Safety Glass, Double Glazed etc.

Timber Options:

Victorian Ash, Pacific Oak, Meranti… (Other timbers can be sourced on request)

Please note: As an energy rating requirement all DSW Timber door frames includes weather seal.

Staircases and Balustrades

From internal staircases to external  staircases, we manufacture all sorts of staircase designs; including classic, modern and contemporary (geometrical) staircases. Our wide-range of staircases and experience means that with each project we consider all factors and possibilities, to ensure that the empty space is filled with the best staircase for your budget.​

We offering  7 different types of staircases such as 

and 3 different types of stringers like 

  • Routed or Housed Stringers

  • Sawtooth or Open Stringers

  • Mono Stringers

Stainless Steel,Timber, Wrough Iron'

Glass balustrades


Custom Doors and Windows

Bi-Fold doors have a few different door panels. DSW Timber will configure your Bi-Fold door system to suit your space. You can choose from left, right, bi-parting and floating opening configurations.

The stacker slides on two double roller carriers which are rebated into the base of each door panel. The pivot system has been developed in order to fit the door to carry the weight on a bottom pivot and to provide a smooth and safe working system.

The pivot allows for the door to be held open, closed slowly and constantly, and to shut gently. We have developed our own style of frame for pivot doors, providing a superior style of entrance statement.


Sliding doors add dimension to your living area with DSW Meranti Architectural sliding doors. Superior in performance and design, sliding doors allows you to invite nature inside. Experience enhanced safety and comfort with the presence of thick quality meranti.


Bi-folding doors make a statement with DSW Timber Meranti Architectural bi-fold doors. Specifically engineered to open up and fold away, bi-fold doors provide extraordinary ventilation and natural light into your home.


Custom Door Jamb/Frames 

from $145 + gst

Standard door sizes
2040 x 620 x 40mm

2040 x 720 x 40mm

2040 x 770 x 40mm

2040 x 820 x 40mm

2040 x 870 x 40mm

2040 x 920 x 40mm

2340 x 720 x 40mm

2340 x 820 x 40mm

2340 x 920 x 40mm

Custom sizes and designs available upon request.

Buy Direct from Manufacturers

Staircase Materials

Treads (Vic Ash or Pacific Oak}900-1200 
265x32     $38 per/meter +gst

265x42     $ 48per/meter+gst

265x64     $ 148 per meter +gst
Riser (Vic Ash or Pacific Oak) 900-1200
185x19    $ 28  per/meter +gst

Stringer, Post and handrail   etc. available on request



36x36   2100-2400-2700 $ 25 +gst per/meter



136x52 2400-2700  $35 +gst per meter

136x52 Meranti Mullion.png

Open in Sill

Merbau or Kapur ($45 + gst per/meter)

Merbau Open in sill.png

Open out Sill

Kapur or Mahogony $52 + gst  per/meter

Kapur or Mahognay Open out sill.png

Meranti doorjamb
with self drain aluminum trashold

from $250 + gst

Side lights available on request.

Meranti Door Jamb with Aluminium Sill_edited.png

Door Seal/Weather Sel

Weather sill  $ 5 + gst  per/meter


About Us


Our Background

DSW TIMBER PL is an industry leading manufacturer producing top-of-the-line products. We believe that all of our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. By keeping a pulse on upcoming trends, we’ve gained a competitive edge that has made us the successful company we are today.

DSW Timber Joinery is the number one place to go for all your timber needs in the Northern suburbs.


Located in Craigieburn, DSW Timber Joinery is in the heart of the building industry.

DSW Timber Joinery has been manufacturing timber staircases, timber custom windows, custom doors and door frames since early 2013.

DSW Timber Joinery has experienced staircase builders and installers joiners working together in making the quality products the best in Melbourne.

DSW Timber Joinery supplies its products to all major builders and Aluminium window manufacturers in and around Melbourne. Amongst these DSW products are also sent to country Victoria and interstate.


97A Yellowbox Drive CRAIGIEBURN 3064  Vic

03 9305 5933

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