Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions: in these conditions the ‘customer’ means the customer named or

Overleaf in the contract. The ‘site’ means the position at the site address, set out

overleaf or attached where the work is to be done. The ‘work’ means the work

quoted for and specified overleaf or attached. The ‘price’ means overleafs

relates to the details specifications and conditions of this quote and applies to

the staircase and balustrade rate being connected to traditional brick or timber

framed walls, any variation to this will be at an additional cost to the customer.

2. Progress payment: from the time as the work progresses DSW Timber Pty Ltd may

deliver to the customer a statement:

a) a setting out all the details done and the material supply not yet paid for; and

b) Claiming payment of a proportion of the total price set out overleaf reasonably

relating to such work and materials and within 5 days of the delivery of the

statement the customer shall pay DSW Timber Pty Ltd the amount claimed

3. Interest and costs: the customer shall pay interest at the rate of 18% per annum

of any money due to DSW Timber Pty Ltd but unpaid by the due date, any costs of

recovery shall also be borne by you

4. Property: property in all materials supply shall not pass until the total price set

out in the overleaf or attached has been paid, until such time DSW Timber Pty Ltd

shall be entitled to remove from the site any materials supplied whether fixed to

the site or not. Risk passes on delivery

5. Recuperation costs: DSW Timber Pty Ltd has the right to claim all recuperation costs

on moneys outstanding including legal fees and time lost by its employees

6. Extra costs: the customer shall pay any extra costs incurred by DSW Timber Pty Ltd as a result of strikes, alteration to specifications overleaf, or failure to the

customer to provide the access or be ready for delivery for times arranged.

7. Material: DSW Timber Pty Ltd will use the best material available from their normal sources unless otherwise stated in the overleaf.

8. Shrinkage: materials do shrink, move and warp, DSW Timber Pty Ltd shall not be

responsible where shrinkage, movement or warping occurs in materials which

by their nature could be expected to do so. Timber is a natural product and does

such colour variation will and does occur.

9. Treating/ important: polishing, staining, painting and treating of materials

supplied are the customer’s responsibility any should be done immediately,

upon completion of the work. DSW Timber Pty Ltd shall not be responsible for any

deficiencies or defects resulting in the customer’s failure to do so.

10. Maintenance: DSW Timber Pty Ltd shall provide maintenance to items to which

written notice is given by the customer within one calendar month following

completion of the work.

11. Tiles/ causation: installation of staircases and balustrades involves a risk of

cracking or damage to marble times or floor coverings. DSW Timber Pty Ltd does not

accept any responsibility for any such cracking or damage, all due care will be


12. Toilet: the customer shall provide a hygienic toilet and water on site.

13. Access: the customer shall give DSW Timber Pty Ltd access to the site at all

reasonable times, the customer shall ensure the site is cleared and ready for

work to be carried out before the delivery. If  DSW Timber Pty Ltd staff is required to

make a stair well ready the customer will be charged for the lost time.

14. MDF cutting room: it is the responsibility of the builder to provide an adequately

ventilated sealed and signed MDF cutting room within 100m of the stair works.

15. Non-slip format (as required by the BCA): the non-slip format for the stair case is

the customer’s responsibility unless specified overleaf or attached.

16. Scaffolding and Temporary Barriers – Any scaffolding and/or temporary barrier

requirements, including costs, assembly and disassembly, are the customers


17. Council and/or Private Certifier Approved Drawings and Specifications – the

customer is responsible for notification including any costs incurred, of any

changes to the drawing and specifications approved by the relevant Council or

Private Certifier. It is the customer’s responsibility to supply a copy of any

Council or Private Certifier variation which relates to the details overleaf.

18. Stair covering – No protective covering of stairs or components is provided for,

unless specifically stated in quotation.

19. Storage of Material on site – It is required that the builder will provide a safe,

clean, dry, and easily accessible area for stairs and stairs components to be

stored on site.

20. Cranes – no allowance has been made for cranes on site, it is the responsibility

of the builder to supply acceptable crane facilities at an acceptable time for

deliveries and installations if required.

21. Acceptance of our quotation means acceptance of these terms and conditions

22. These terms and conditions supersede all previous communication and

negotiations in relation to products and services rendered. Except as may be

specifically provided in these terms and conditions any terms and conditions

contained in or relating to any other documents in respect of the goods provided

and/or services rendered are excluded.

23. Although the utmost care and diligence are taken when working on site,

Elegance stairs accepts NO responsibility for any damage caused on site. Also

note that when installing many types of stairs it will be necessary to cut plaster

to ensure adequate fixing is obtained. All plaster and other associated repairs

are at the cost of the builder.

24. Modification of our product due to existing works being faulty / non-compliant is

excluded unless specifically stated in quotation. Examples are packing, rebating,

or leveling to suit existing steel strings.

IF you do not agree to all these conditions it is your responsibility to inform us before

placing an agreement.